September 16, 2019
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Human trafficking is a major concern in Hungary that has become more evident in the past fifty years. The government of Hungary has been gradually making significant efforts to eliminate trafficking. In the past, Hungary’s government has provided funding to NGO-run trafficking shelters that provide medical care and legal assistance to victims. Hungary has also conducted anti-trafficking campaigns. In May 2012, a prevention program was created to raise awareness about human trafficking. In September 2012, the government passed an amendment to Act CXXXV that permitted the government to create regulations for identifying victims of human trafficking. In 2013, the government of Hungary adopted the National Strategy against Trafficking in Human Beings for 2013-2016, which took into consideration combating the issue on both the national level and the international level. 


Hungary aims to combat human trafficking at the national level by increasing quality and availability of victim services and victim care, increasing law enforcement, and spreading awareness. Hungary also wants to implement an effective victim identification and protection system, as well as increase the efficiency of prosecution for perpetrators. Hungary also realizes the need for international cooperation to solve this issue and aims to increase collaboration with other countries in order to raise awareness, prosecute perpetrators, and provide adequate support for victims.

  • Saakshi Sovani

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