September 16, 2019
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Committee: SOCHUM

Topic: Human Trafficking

Country: Sri Lanka

Delegate Name: May Hsueh


An island country as Sri Lanka has issues with human trafficking and easily to transport humans as there are many tourists. Many women, men, and children. Are being taken out of the country and transported to the West. As a newly developed country, we have a high changed in kidnapping people out of the country. Those who victimized used for sexual needs and labor work. Migrates and women and kids exposed to the risk of getting traffic.


The country has been detecting and finding trafficking victims. Even though there isn’t a large amount of recognized crime of human trafficking, the government has been trying to prevent it. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on the Identification, Protection, and Referral of Victims of Human Trafficking are examples of Sri Lanka attempts. Sri Lanka even established criminal laws of human trafficking- the Convention on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children for Prostitution (Act Nº. 30 of 2005)4 and the Penal Code (Amendment Act No 16 of 2006). From the Trafficking in Persons Report 2014, the National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force formed the SOP. The SOP is a step by step guide for protecting victims. They serviced to victims of human trafficking with equality, fairness, and respect for their dignity and privacy.


  • May Hseuh

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