FHCDelegates 11/24/2021 23:59:51

Country: Niger Delegate Name: Amant Grewal Amant Grewal Forest Hills Central High School Republic of Niger SOCHUM Right to Peaceful Protest Many a country have committed to allowing their [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 23:53:40

Country: Colombia Delegate Name: Ishaan Muchumarri Social Humanitarian & Cultural Committee Right to Peaceful Protest Republic of Colombia Ishaan Muchumarri Forest Hills Eastern The issue of [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 23:15:33

Country: United States of America Delegate Name: Naman Jain Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee Right to Peaceful Protest United States of America Naman Jain Forest Hills Eastern As a [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/24/2021 23:07:35

Country: Russian Federation Delegate Name: Allyson Gilliland A peaceful protest is an act of expressing a disapproving nature through action or statement with no use of violence. This can also be [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 23:04:05

Country: Germany Delegate Name: Tessa Stanley Peaceful protest can be a powerful force for political change. However, in recent years speculation on what classifies as ‘peaceful protest’, as well [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 17:18:13

Country: Nigeria Delegate Name: Nathan Parish The right to peaceful assembly and protest is upheld to an extent in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Article 11 of the 1981 African Charter on Human [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 22:20:00

Country: Mexico Delegate Name: Shiva Rajan Each human being has the right to peaceful protest as a universal right. Public protests have received immense attention recently, and they’re [...]

KalamazooCentralDelegates 11/24/2021 21:41:53

Country: Pakistan Delegate Name: Farahnoz Firdavsi Pakistan has time through time allowed its citizens to protest peacefully, “Every citizen shall have the right to assemble peacefully and [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 22:11:31

Country: Tunisia Delegate Name: Rishika Kokkula The right to peaceful protest is more important than ever, considering the political tensions all over the world. Although many individual nations [...]

SASADelegates 11/24/2021 21:35:23

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Gabriel Howald Peaceful protests carry the immense power of allowing the people to have a voice in government and make results happen. Notable examples range from [...]

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