September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Syria

Country: France
Delegate Name: Harry Cornell

The administration run by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad does not work to protect it’s people. Instead it makes for attacks on all of those who oppose it and create “disgust and revulsion around the world” (Ramani). The security council is faced with questions regarding aid, deescalation and a potential resolution to the conflict.

France has a long history Syria. With the attacks in Syria, and France’s involvement in keeping the peace, France has been under attack from terrorists including the Islamic State. When Paris was attacked 129 civilians were killed in France’s Capitol. This cannot be allowed to stand. According to CNN, “More than 2,000 people have been killed in Syria since mid-March, the United Nations has said. Al-Assad blames armed gangs for fomenting violence, forcing his government to take action against them” (Sarkozy…). This led to France taking up our stance that peace must come to the Syria and that Al-Assad is not the leader of his people; which is why France’s President at the time, President Nicolas Sarkozy to assert that Syria has caused “irreparable”damage in the Middle East (Sarkozy…).

France is keen to work to stabilize the region and bring in humanitarian aid. This is why “the President of the French Republic decided in 2020 to renew an envelope of €50 million for the third consecutive year dedicated to helping the most vulnerable populations, essentially in the North West and North East of Syria” (War in Syria…). When we look at the humanitarian crisis we see that “80% of the population [in Syria] lives below the poverty line” (War in Syria…). This is a humanitarian crisis, this is what the United Nations was made to do. However, humanitarian aid can only do so much. France is seeking to work with nations to seek peace in the region. An unstable Syria is a threat to the world, as was clearly shown in the terror attacks on Paris in 2015. France is very keen on this position and is not willing to budge. France believes that more military aid must be provided to the people in order to allow them to defend themselves from an oppressive government. France was born from the spark of a revolution and when it is time for the people to rebel, rebel they shall.

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