FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 23:58:28

Country: United States of America Delegate Name: Andre Stoll Security Council Situation in Syria United States Andre Stoll Forest Hills Eastern Syria is a country located in the middle east that [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/23/2022 21:17:05

Country: India Delegate Name: Ike Webb Committee: Security Council Topic: SITUATION IN SYRIA Delegate: Ike Webb School: Williamston High School Since the “Arab Spring” uprising in [...]

GRCityDelegates 11/23/2022 18:48:41

Country: Italy Delegate Name: Stephen Pellathy Italian position paper: Syria Security council City High middle school Stephen A. Pellathy DATA collection: Trade (imports and exports) In 2020, [...]

EastGrandRapidsDelegates 11/23/2022 17:16:11

Country: France Delegate Name: Harry Cornell The administration run by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad does not work to protect it’s people. Instead it makes for attacks on all of those who [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 16:17:12

Country: Ireland Delegate Name: Allyson Gilliland 11 – 22 – 2022 SUBMITTED TO: Security Council FROM: Ireland SUBJECT: Situation in Syria Royal Oak High School The Syrian civil war is [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 15:31:07

Country: Kenya Delegate Name: Matthew Matola 11/23/22 Submitted To: United Nations Security Council From: Kenya Subject: The Situation in Syria The nation of Kenya encourages this committee of [...]

KalamazooCentralDelegates 11/23/2022 14:31:34

Country: China Delegate Name: Teague Ott Country: China Topic: Situation in Syria Delegate name: Teague Ott In 2011, there were Arab spring protests against the Assad regime in Syria. These [...]

RoeperDelegates 11/23/2022 09:07:46

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Jameson Gerrits Brazil has traditionally taken somewhat of a non-interventionist position on world politics. This stance somewhat continues with the situation in [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 21:14:16

Country: United Arab Emirates Delegate Name: Hunter Sturm Country: United Arab Emirates Committee: United Nations Security Council Topic: Situation in Syria Delegate: Hunter Sturm School: [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 08:14:58

Country: Russian Federation Delegate Name: Blake Beckhorn Delegate: Blake Beckhorn Country: Russian Federation Committee: United Nations Security Council Topic: Situation in Syria School: [...]

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