September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Child Marriage

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Sydney Brown

UN Women- Argentina-Brown

Delegate Sydney Brown
Forest Hills Central
Argentine Republic
UN Women: Child marriage

Child marriage is an instition where children under 18 are married. In some countries culture can play a role, but more times than not it can play a role of getting families out of poverty. Families will marry their young daughters off to men with a higher economic standing to lift themselves out of poverty. Child marriage greatly affects the equality of women and girls. When girls get married young it can stop their schooling which can stunt their education and lead to women not being as big an influence in the workforce than if they were fully educated. It is also harmful because it makes these girls take on the role of a grown woman. Doing the housework and raising a family. They do not have the environment to just be a child. It can lead to women being predominantly in a position of power under men. We need to solve this problem because the equality of girls and women everywhere is at risk and there is no reason why children should not be allowed to just be children.

Child marriage does have a hold in Argentina though not as big as other countries. Argentina does not release that much data about child marriage leading other countires to believe that the numbers that are shown are underestimated to the actual numbers in the region. Though they did have a national consensus of child marriage the country has more than 340,000 adolescents aged 14 to 19 years old that are married or cohabiting, 230,000 are girls and adolescent women. It greatly affects Argentina because it hurts the equality of women there. Women are less educated in the areas which it occurs and there is more domestic violence against women.

Argentina would love to see progress on getting rid of child marriage. Argentina believes that developed and wealthy countries should step up and lead the fight against it. With impoverished countries it is harder to pull themselves out of poverty and help with their own problems and if they got help from more stable countries it would be very beneficial. Argentina recognizes that education would be a step in getting rid of child marriage. With more education families and girls are more likely able to have a job that pays better and help themselves out without having to be married off. If we all work together we can put child marriage to an end and help further the equality of women around the world.

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