FHCDelegates 11/24/2021 23:57:08

Country: Niger Delegate Name: Marrissa Bertocchini UN Women-Niger-Bertocchini Delegate Marissa Bertocchini Forest Hills Central High School Republic of Niger UN Women: Child Marriage Child [...]

FHCDelegates 11/24/2021 23:55:22

Country: Argentina Delegate Name: Sydney Brown UN Women- Argentina-Brown Delegate Sydney Brown Forest Hills Central Argentine Republic UN Women: Child marriage Child marriage is an instition [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/24/2021 22:02:40

Country: Estonia Delegate Name: Audrey Bricker UN Women Child Marriage Estonia Audrey Bricker Across the world, child marriage is very prevalent. Child marriage is defined by the OHCHR as [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 22:01:48

Country: Tunisia Delegate Name: Alekya Vudathu UN Women Child Marriage Republic of Tunisia Alekya Vudathu Forest Hills Eastern Child marriage is any marriage where one of the parties is under the [...]

KalamazooCentralDelegates 11/24/2021 21:53:52

Country: France Delegate Name: Mary England Committee: UN Women Topic: Child Marriage Country: France Child marriage rates across the world are in decline. However there are still millions of [...]

SASADelegates 11/24/2021 21:45:42

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Audrey Wong Audrey Wong Brazil UN Women Child Marriage Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy Child marriage is a pressing global problem that has been on the rise for [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 15:19:29

Country: Colombia Delegate Name: Palak Rekhani The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) states that “1 of 4 girls in Latin America and the Caribbean marries or enters in early union [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 20:26:36

Country: Germany Delegate Name: Jaisal Chopra United Nations Women Child Marriage The Federal Republic of Germany Jaisal Chopra Forest Hills Eastern Child marriage is a marriage in which at least [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/24/2021 17:36:56

Country: Russian Federation Delegate Name: Brooke Orlando Brooke Orlando ROMUN Russian Federation UN Women The Russian Federation recognizes the issue of child marriage as a serious global [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 17:23:13

Country: Mexico Delegate Name: Komal Patel United Nations Women Child Marriage Mexico Komal Patel Forest Hills Eastern Child marriage is a global issue fueled by gender inequality, poverty, and [...]

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