September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Guatemala
Delegate Name: Alessandra Alkema

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations has written diplomatic immunity into international law. This enables diplomats to do their jobs with security, independence, and freedom. Diplomatic immunity limits the degree to which diplomats from foreign nations can either be sued or prosecuted under the laws of the foreign nation where they commit a crime. This immunity can vary greatly among different nations. Incidents in recent years have brought questions about whether limits on this immunity are sufficient enough to bring justice and equality to hosting nations worldwide. High-ranking officials may experience a greater amount of immunity than another group of individuals, ultimately striking the discussion of the limits of diplomatic immunity. Tensions have arisen between different states over the justice of certain victims. This issue is relatively important to the country of Guatemala because of the growing corruption in its government that leads to the withdrawal of diplomatic immunities for some groups.

Guatemala recognizes the importance of discussing the limits of diplomatic immunity, as it is used within the Guatemalan justice system. The CICIG agrees to recognize how leaving and visiting diplomats enjoy privileges and diplomatic immunity from Guatemala. Despite this, corruption within high officials is still a growing issue, with cases arising each day involving criminal prosecutions. In 2018, Guatemalan authorities withdrew diplomatic immunity from 11 workers that were visiting diplomats with a U.N.-sponsored anti-graft commission, which has investigated alleged corruption cases. This has been one of the few instances where diplomatic immunity has been slightly discussed in Guatemala. Guatemala does not recognize this issue to be extremely important, as minimal efforts have been made to change the limits of diplomatic immunity. The CICIG mainly focuses on the growing impunity and inequality within the Guatemala justice system: the limits of diplomatic immunity are merely of small importance to the Guatemalan courts.

Guatemala has experienced some events and issues dealing with the question of diplomatic immunity, mainly on the authority of Guatemalan officials that have been allegedly or truly corrupt. Guatemala will not make any further or large action towards this relevant issue as it is not of huge importance in the nation. The main focus of the CICIG is not the limits of diplomatic immunity within Guatemala, noting the small instances of criminal prosecutions involving the topic. Diplomatic Immunity will remain for most high-ranking officials unless a question is raised about whether those groups have corruption or are deemed to spread inequality.

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