FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 22:26:40

Country: Egypt Delegate Name: Bethany Narducci Legal Committee Limits of Diplomatic Immunity The Arab Republic of Egypt Bethany Narducci Forest Hills Eastern Diplomatic immunity gives criminal [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 11/23/2022 22:12:32

Country: Israel Delegate Name: Nina Hall Israel Nina Hall Royal Oak High School As it stands, the Vienna Convention has solidified diplomatic immunity for the most part. Yet there continue to be [...]

FHEDelegates 11/23/2022 21:11:14

Country: United States of America Delegate Name: Sarah Dixon Legal Committee Limits of Diplomatic Immunity United States of America Sarah Dixon Forest Hills Eastern Codified into international [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 17:02:36

Country: Romania Delegate Name: Christian Boyce Legal Committee Limits of Diplomatic Immunity Romania Christian Boyce Forest Hills Northern High School Diplomatic immunity has been a principle in [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 14:24:24

Country: United Kingdom Delegate Name: Connor Argenzio United Nations Legal Committee Limits of Diplomatic Immunity United Kingdom Connor Argenzio Forest Hills Northern High School Diplomacy is [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/23/2022 14:08:37

Country: Jordan Delegate Name: Haiden Korhorn Diplomatic immunity is the immunity of diplomats against civil laws. This gives immunity to diplomats meaning they will be protected from prosecution [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 22:58:50

Country: Germany Delegate Name: Thien Truong-Phan Country: Germany Committee: LEGAL Topic: Limits of Diplomatic Immunity Delegate: Thien Truong-Phan School: Williamston High School Diplomatic [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/22/2022 22:36:15

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Delegate Name: Adam Goudreau Delegate:Adam Goudreau Country:DR Congo Committee: Legal Topic: Limmits of Diplomatic Immunity DR Congo believes it is [...]

RoeperDelegates 11/22/2022 17:57:18

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Jake Brody Country: Federative Republic of Brazil Committee: Legal Committee (Legal) Diplomatic immunity is meant to protect foreign officers from prosecutions and [...]

FHEDelegates 11/22/2022 17:28:28

Country: Spain Delegate Name: Meredith McDonough Diplomatic Immunity is the ruling that determines and limits an individual’s severity of prosecution or punishment who is positioned with foreign [...]

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