September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Spain
Delegate Name: Meredith McDonough

Diplomatic Immunity is the ruling that determines and limits an individual’s severity of prosecution or punishment who is positioned with foreign and international government organizations. This law primarily is in regard to high-ranking officials and ambassadors, who possess the highest level of immunity. While this is beneficial to those in possession of immunity, as well as their families, however raising the question of whether or not this system is sufficient or effective for victims. Within the UN, the organization simultaneously recognizes the privileges and responsibilities of its officials and staff members. However, the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies, states that members are granted immunity only within matters of legal responsibility, not for personal gain or accomplishment.

The Country of Spain recognizes the crucial role of diplomatic immunity as seen through their signature of the Vienna Convention treaty in 1967. After Spain’s transition into democracy after the death of dictator Fransico Franco, Spain adhered to expanding international peace-building and reconciliation. Likewise, Spain believes that this practice should be used justly towards diplomats and for ethical and moral reasons. continue to be implemented fairly within international law.

Spain believes that diplomatic immunity should be regulated and properly limited in order to ensure international peace. This would include establishing clear regulations on the qualifying factors of immunity and to what extent it should be regarded within states and host states. Establishing these changes would help ensure the diplomatic positions and responsibilities of diplomats and high-ranked officials, as well as ensure international peace and compromise.

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