September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: Egypt
Delegate Name: Bethany Narducci

Legal Committee
Limits of Diplomatic Immunity
The Arab Republic of Egypt
Bethany Narducci
Forest Hills Eastern

Diplomatic immunity gives criminal protection to those involved in the government of a foreign nation, whether the individuals actually work for the government or are the family of a governmental employee. Many countries, including Egypt, use this policy when making decisions regarding prosecutions within their country. This immunity limits the degree of prosecution towards those from international organizations or foreign governments living in a host country. Diplomatic immunity specifically applies to criminal courts but is also held in high regard in civil courts. The immunity specifically targets the implementation of diplomatic immunity varies by country, with some host countries still pressing charges against foreigners depending on how bad their actions that resulted in legal trouble were. Diplomatic immunity only applies within a host country, resulting in potential prosecution once the diplomats return to their home country.

Egypt is a proponent of diplomatic immunity and sees this system as beneficial for both the home and host country involved. Egypt believes that by allowing the home country to press charges, the countries retain their power over their own citizens. Egypt also wants to be the only one allowed to prosecute their diplomats, most of whom face few charges when they make their way back to the Egyptian courts. Diplomatic immunity has proved to be extremely beneficial for Egypt when developing relationships with Western allies, such as the United States, as well as Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

Egypt believes that diplomatic immunity should remain an institution within the international legal courts, as it assists in the forming of good dynamics between two countries. Egypt acknowledges the differences in proceedings based on country but believes that each country should be allowed to respond to issues within their local courts and under their own jurisdiction. Egypt wants diplomatic immunity to continue to be implemented for all of their officials in foreign countries, without any forced limits upon how far this immunity extends. Egypt will apply this same level of immunity to each country, as they would like each country to have sovereignty over their own rulings.

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