September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: Haiti
Delegate Name: Mallory Pearson

The right to a peaceful protest has been protected by laws or constitutions in most states, but there is not an international law stating that right. There are laws that also give the right to a peaceful assembly in most countries, but some countries do not give their citizens the right to peacefully protest or assemble. Although there are laws stating that people can protest, there have been a number of what started out as peaceful protests turned violent. This was an issue in Ukraine in 2013 when a protest against the delay of their government signing an agreement with the European Union. The nine days of protests escalated when police officers and protestors exchanged gunfire. In 2020, protests have increased rapidly, especially in the United States. The police and military actions taken on the protests caused backlash and controversy from both sides.

The Republic of Haiti has experienced an uprising of violence and protests over the past four years. The protests started out peacefully in July of 2018, but became increasingly violent by attacking hospitals and blocking access to hea​​lth centers and ambulances. These riots disrupted the daily lives of Haitians and put them in dangerous situations. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) called on Haitian authorities to end the violence and prevent them from happening again by taking immediate action. The OHCHR also encouraged Haiti’s government to guarantee accountability for past offenses and to address the causes of the violence. They recommended that the government also assist the victims and ensure Haiti as a safe country.

The Republic of Haiti recommends strong laws to ensure protests stay peaceful and to not resort to violence. Haiti also encourages violent protesters to be punished for the disruption and destruction they have caused. Haiti supports the use of strong law enforcement to keep protests peaceful and to stop protesters when they get out of control and Haiti recommends that other countries with similar protesting issues do the same.

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