September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Olivia Benedict

At present, there is no international right to peaceful protest. Since 2017, “over 230 significant antigovernment protests have erupted worldwide,” states the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Within that scope, more than “110 countries have experienced significant protests.” For a while, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (10 December 1948) created a move forward in the right to protest. Still, that covenant caused issues. There was, and still is, debate on the correct definition of “assembly,” “protest,” and other related terms. It is the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee’s assignment to create a resolution that both defines these terms and gives all countries involved the right to peaceful protest.

The citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea do not need to peacefully protest. Everything they could ever want is given to them. Our Government has given our citizens top-notch education, an opportunity for fulfilling and respectable careers, and other happiness-causing possibilities. Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong-un is a very gracious and kind leader. The citizens have unanimously agreed to give him the reigns to lead the country. There is no poverty, inequality, or religious oppression in our country. There is nothing that the citizens could be angry about. Since 2017 (and before then), there have been no peaceful protests in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This is not because we restrain them, but because they have nothing to protest about. If they were in the position to need peaceful protest, then obviously our leader would listen to their pleas and immediately fix whatever has become an issue.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea asks the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee to pass no resolutions in the duration of this session. Our Esteemed Leader has no issue with the current state of the right to peaceful protest globally. We believe that it should be up to each country to decide what is best for their citizens. We will not support anything that attempts to take away our right to choose what is best for our citizens. All Hail Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong-un.