September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Right to Peaceful Protest

Country: Ukraine
Delegate Name: Alessandra Alkema

The right to peaceful protest has not been acknowledged on an international level which has caused a distinction between the difference in protests and assemblies. This results in decisions from governments on what they deem legal or illegal which impacts what citizens think of their authority and results in revolts. When residents in a nation oppose an authority’s decision, they desire to respectfully protest and argue against it which promotes democracy; but in most countries, the high authority silences or discourages these voices which leads to violence with the citizens and the government. Protesting has been common in the country of Ukraine, especially over the possible peace deal with the violence in Eastern Ukraine. This topic has not been the Ukrainian Government’s biggest concern due to the necessity of finding military security to deal with the intensity and disorder on the Eastern border.

Throughout the year 2021, Ukraine has been dealing with multiple protests ranging from violent to peaceful. Back in August this year, the Ukrainian police clashed with violent protestors from a nationalist party near the Ukrainian President’s office, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Policemen were injured when the protestors approached the president’s office. The Ukrainian Constitution guarantees citizens’ right to peacefully protest as the president claimed; the protestors on that day were allowed in the office if they did not resist to be checked. The country of Ukraine has also proposed the idea of peace agreements for eastern Ukraine due to Russia’s hostility today, and this has caused Ukrainian nationalists to march across the capital. Ukraine’s biggest concern is the relations of the border country, Russia, and seeking aid with security from other countries such as U.S security support from President Biden. The government of Ukraine has also met up with other leaders to discuss the violent issue within the Eastern border. When protesting occurs due to this matter, Ukraine respects the peaceful argument against its government’s decisions but has not done anything to promote it any further. The country of Ukraine recognizes the right through the Ukraine Constitution, but dealing with this issue is not the government’s major concern; the country’s resources are being used for the major security and military trouble of eastern Ukraine.

The country of Ukraine has established the respect of peaceful protesting within the Ukrainian Constitution. The government has not taken any action towards the issue as it deals with the military security in Eastern Ukraine due to Russian hostility. Ukraine encourages other nations to respect peaceful protesting but the role of Ukraine will remain neutral. The Ukraine government will address the right to peaceful protest by simply stating that it is protected under the Ukrainian Constitution. Ukraine’s role will consist of advising other nations to respect the right but to focus on large problems such as Ukraine’s own.

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