September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Improvised Explosive Devices

Country: Colombia
Delegate Name: Sam Zaruba

Disarmament and International Security Committee
Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
Republic of Colombia
Sam Zaruba

Rebellion and displeasure with groups or individuals in power has only increased in complexity over time, and with technological advancements on the rise, creative ways to rebel are only becoming more plentiful. IEDs are explosive by nature, and pose a serious safety threat, not only to those targeted, but also innocent bystanders. Although amateurly produced, the effects are anything but. According to the AOAV (Action on Armed Violence), in the last decade (excluding 2017) IEDs “have been responsible for more civilian deaths than any other explosive weapon type in each and every year in the last decade.” In accordance with these staggering statistics, in 2015, the UN adopted a resolution proposed by Afghanistan for awareness raising, data tracking, and international assistance to affected nations. Plagued by constantly fragmenting paramilitary groups such as FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the ENL (National Liberation Army) Colombia is perpetually pressured by the threat of IEDs.
Looking for peace agreements, the government of Colombia is currently working with paramilitary groups in Colombia, who have been the source of the majority of IED attacks in recent years. In Colombia alone between 2011 and 2016, there have been 31 fatalities directly caused by IEDs (AOAV). As part of the general assembly on December 11 2015, Colombia adopted a resolution made by Afghanistan to promote international aid for countries affected by IEDs and to raise awareness about IEDs. Standing with this resolution, Colombia holds that nations should counter the threats posed by IEDs, as well as encourages countries to assist those in need in order to prevent future IED attacks. Colombia affirms that IEDs pose a threat to the safety of not only Colombia, but the entire world.
Recognizing that further progress must be made in order to lessen the threat of IEDs, and acknowledging the threat of these devices to public safety, Colombia urges member nations to recognize the issues posed by IEDs as well as aid countries in need of assistance regarding IEDs. Colombia also suggests that tighter restrictions over materials and chemicals used in the fabrication of IEDs be implemented in order to minimize the supply of them.

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