SASADelegates 11/25/2021 00:01:32

Country: Brazil Delegate Name: Unmun Kaur Unmun Kaur Brazil Disarmament and international security committee Improvised explosive devices Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy Improvised explosive [...]

FHCDelegates 11/24/2021 23:51:46

Country: Argentina Delegate Name: Benjamin Laidlaw Benjamin Laidlaw Forest Hills Central Argentina AWSs and IEDs We feel as follows that the violent incidents of automated weapon system [...]

FHCDelegates 11/24/2021 23:50:17

Country: Niger Delegate Name: Stephen Wolf DISEC – Niger – Wolf Delegate: Stephan Wolf School: Forest Hills Central Country: Republique du Niger Committee/Topic: DISEC: Improvised [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 22:56:27

Country: Germany Delegate Name: Anay Moitra Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are weapons constructed and deployed in ways other than conventional military action. These weapons take thousands [...]

SASADelegates 11/24/2021 22:19:11

Country: India Delegate Name: AJ Macon AJ Macon India Disarmament and International Security Committee Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs] Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy Improvised [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 23:08:43

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Delegate Name: Bergen Grochoski IEDs are common explosive devices that are used by insurgents in nations that are struggling with civil wars [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/24/2021 22:43:03

Country: China Delegate Name: Tanvi Kulkarni Every year, land mines, explosive remnants of war, and improvised explosive devices claim nearly 10,000 casualties, mostly civilians, and children in [...]

WilliamstonDelegates 11/24/2021 22:17:56

Country: Viet Nam Delegate Name: Thien Truong-Phan Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are deadly devices that detonate in varying sizes, causing damage that can be lethal. IEDs are not made in [...]

FHEDelegates 11/24/2021 18:25:20

Country: United States of America Delegate Name: Nanda Murali Improvised explosive devices threaten the safety of civilians across the world. Whether they are made with gunpowder, hydrogen [...]

ForestHillsNorthernDelegates 11/24/2021 16:56:03

Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Delegate Name: Alex Mochel Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines Delegate Name: Alex Mochel Committee: Disarmament & International Security [...]

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