September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Improvised Explosive Devices

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Bergen Grochoski

IEDs are common explosive devices that are used by insurgents in nations that are struggling with civil wars and uprisings within their nations. These explosive devices can cause issues in said nations because of their ease of production and the difficulty they provide when it comes to tracing the source of the bombs. These devices are also hard to detect because of the wide variety of IEDs that can be developed. In 2014 around 65,400 civilians lost their lives to IED’s so this is an issue that has affected the lives of many.

DPRK does not support banning the use of IEDs when it comes to warfare. DPRK feels for the nations facing rebels within their countries and the negative impacts that these weapons have on the well-being of their citizens. DPRK feels that banning IEDs would be hard to enforce because of the anonymous nature of their production and deployment. We also believe that the nations currently using IEDs in warfare will ignore the UN’s banning of these weapons. DPRK also believes that holding people accountable for the use of IEDs would be difficult because the majority of the people perpetrating these attacks are nonstate actors.

DPRK doesn’t consider the banning of IEDs to be of any significance whatsoever. DPRK hopes that the committee will acknowledge that the banning of IEDs will not solve the problem in countries where IEDs are currently being used.

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