September 16, 2019
 In Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Country: Australia
Delegate Name: RJ/Robert Langen

United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency
Nuclear Reactors In Conflict Zones
Robert/RJ Langen
Forest Hills Northern High School

Australia realizes the benefits of using nuclear power to mitigate climate change because nuclear power is a low-carbon source of electricity. However, Australia also acknowledges the potential risks associated with using and building nuclear power plants, especially in conflict zones where circumstances beyond the government’s control can exacerbate existing tensions and increase the likelihood of nuclear accidents and environmental damage.

We affirm our support for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its role in verifying the peaceful use of nuclear energy and preventing nuclear proliferation. Austalia also supports the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The NPT seeks to prevent further construction and distribution of nuclear weapons and encourages countries that currently have nuclear weapons to dismantle them safely.

Australia believes that nuclear reactors should not be constructed or located in conflict zones and in zones that are deemed high risk to devolve into conflict. We believe that such construction would lead to instability and potential security risks. Furthermore, nuclear reactors in conflict zones could be compromised by sabotage, terrorism, or military attacks which would make it impossible to guarantee the safety of surrounding populations and the environment.

Australia recognizes that there are countries in zones that are unstable that may want to construct nuclear power plants for economic, strategic, or scientific reasons. We urge these countries to weigh the risks that come with building nuclear reactors in conflict zones. We encourage the countries to follow the IAEA safety guidelines and best practices. We would also recommend that countries residing in conflict-prone zones first talk to the IAEA and international community about the safest way to go about constructing and maintaining nuclear power plants.

Australia is a strong supporter of the peaceful, nonviolent, and dependable use of nuclear energy and the use of nuclear energy to continue the advancement of new innovative nuclear technologies that will help bolster the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of electricity consumption worldwide. However, we are also mindful that the potential risks of nuclear power plants that operate in conflict zones may far outweigh the benefits. Therefore, we strongly advise countries facing such conflicts to exercise extreme caution when considering such projects.

In conclusion, Austalia believes that nuclear reactors in conflict zones pose a significant risk to global security. Australia strongly advises countries in conflict zones to find alternative ways of obtaining energy. Although we support the use of nuclear power for peaceful purposes, we urge countries in conflict zones to take extreme precautions and fully consider all the risks involved before making a decision on whether to construct nuclear reactors.