September 16, 2019
 In Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Country: United Arab Emirates
Delegate Name: Lidija Habekovic

The UAE understands the risks that come with building nuclear reactors, especially in zones of conflict. Nuclear reactors are not designed to withstand natural disasters and military attacks, and the effects of nuclear fallout can be catastrophic. Some effects include public health problems like acute radiation syndrome, and environmental problems because of the radiation from the fallout.
The UAE supports nuclear power as a source of energy, however it acknowledges the risks that come with using nuclear power. The risk of nuclear disasters, especially in conflict zones, is heightened. Nuclear power plants are not designed to withstand the shock of an earthquake, or the blast of a missile, for example.The effects of nuclear fallout can be catastrophic. Acute radiation syndrome (ARS), as mentioned earlier, can cause internal bleeding, seizures, loss of white blood cells, and eventually death. Environmental effects of nuclear fallout include water pollution, flora and fauna death, and increased rates of mutation among animal and bacteria populations.
In relation to the current situation in Ukraine, the UAE’s ambassador to the UN, Mohamed Issa Abushahab, “expressed deep alarm” over the recent events surrounding the Zaporizhzhia power plant. “When it comes to nuclear matters, our collective security is truly intertwined,” he said. He also recalled special protections for nuclear power facilities, including Article 56 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions, which states that “works or installations containing dangerous forces” such as “nuclear generating stations, should not be made the object of attack”. He stated that both parties should make this a focus of “constructive and necessary” engagement. He also stressed the importance of communication between both parties to come to a peaceful and sustainable solution.
The UAE supports nuclear power as a source of energy. However, they also acknowledge the risks that come with using nuclear power. The UAE encourages other countries to also implement the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety, to ensure optimal safety from nuclear events. The UAE values communication, and urges nations to communicate, to prevent a potentially universally catastrophic nuclear disaster. The UAE has signed a deal with South Korea to expand collaboration in the peaceful nuclear energy sector.

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