September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: Switzerland
Delegate Name: Marcos Calderon

Marcos Calderon
International Olympic Committee
Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes
Forest Hills Northern

While being an olympic athlete can be exciting and fun, many athletes will come into the games with mental issues that have not been addressed. Some athletes have decided to step down from the games like Simone Biles in the 2021 Summer olympics. Although the IOC is not fully to be blamed for the poor check ups for athletes mental health, they do have a big role in it for being in charge of the olympic games.
One of the most things said from athletes after the games, is how pressuring it was in the games and before. Athletes who come into the games are viewed as superhumans making everyone forget that they are just like us who struggle with their own personal issues just how we do. When athletes don’t push through the issues, they are given negative feedback that hurts them furthermore. Micheal Phelps, who has the most gold medals in Olympic history in his documentary “The weight of Gold”, the other side of athletes. The side of how many suffer with depression, grief, substance abused, and as far as suicide from the impact of the games.
The IOC has been pushed more and more every year to make Olympic athletes’ health prioritized first before the games. They made a course available called Athlete365 that gives advice, services, and tools for the mental health of every athlete. They also launched a new sleep course for athletes so they get rested well during the games. They also created the Mentally Fit Helpline to give support for athletes before the games.
Although the IOC has done more and more for the athletes, there should still be more measures taken. There should be more positive support from all the supporters to the athletes instead of expecting too much from the athletes. Athletes shouldn’t be afraid to put their mental health before the games and be able to step down without being called negative names online. There should also be more checks with the coaches and the staff to make sure they aren’t hurting the athletes mentally and instead being there for their athletes. The IOC should also have professional counselors for athletes to be able to talk to if needed.

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