September 16, 2019
 In Radicalization & Violent Extremism in Prisons

Country: United Arab Emirates
Delegate Name: Allison Edwards

The problem of radicalization and extremism in prisons is not new to many countries in the middle east. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) denounces all forms of terrorism and is working alongside the Hedayah to combat this serious and important issue. The UAE aims to stop all forms of terrorism in prisons and to address the root of the problem regarding extremism.
The UAE believes that terrorism and extremism won’t be eradicated just by military forces, but by a combination of many sectors and policies. The United Arab Emirates is home to the Hedayah, an organization funded by the Emirati government. The Hedayah is the global center for counteracting terrorism which is a holistic approach to wiping out radicalization. This organization is working alongside the UAE regarding the problem of terrorism and extremism in prisons. The goal of the plan is to inform countries about the rehabilitation and integration of former terrorists.
The Hedayah created a blueprint for the integration of former terrorists and rehabilitation centers. Medical help and individual help and religious counseling ensure that the root problem of terrorism is addressed and will not reoccur. This program can be implemented in many countries. The UAE strongly urges countries to adopt this program.
Additionally, the United Arab Emirates wants to address the root cause of extremism by cutting off funding to groups, halting recruitment for hate groups, and monitoring the violence on the internet. They have cooperated with many NGOs on this issue such as SAWAB, which is combating online misinformation and terrorism, and The Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, which corrects ideals posed by extremist groups.
The UAE aims to halt the spread of terrorism through the Hedayah that they funded and address the root of the issue causing terrorism. They aim to do this not only by military forces but by working alongside many NGOs and funding many programs to eradicate terrorism. The UAE urges all countries to take steps toward eradicating terrorism through similar policies and encourages collaboration between nations.

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