September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: United Arab Emirates
Delegate Name: Eva Gavin

Committee: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Topic :Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes
Country: United Arab Emirates
Delegate: Eva Gavin, Forest Hills Northern High School

The UAE is aware of the value of sports in encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles and to promote the wellbeing among individuals. Our nation is devoted to establishing conditions that let athletes live up to their full potential and protect their general wellbeing.
Athletes get the chance to compete at the greatest level, represent their nations, and demonstrate their abilities at the Olympic games. The competitors’ physical and mental health may suffer as a result of competing in such a demanding event. Thus, the UAE firmly believes that it is the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) duty to make sure that the athletes’ welfare is prioritized during the competitions.
The prevalence of injuries among athletes, which can have long-term effects on their health, is one of the main causes for concern. As a result, it is essential to take action to lower the risk of damage. To do this, the UAE encourages the development of training and competition-preparation programs for athletes. These initiatives ought to offer both pre-event injury avoidance instruction and on-site medical assistance.
The mental health of athletes is another issue that worries the UAE. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems can result from the intense pressure to perform at the greatest level. Supporting athletes’ mental health while they compete is crucial. The UAE is in favor of giving athletes access to mental health facilities, such as counseling and therapy sessions, to assist them with the pressure.
The UAE is also dedicated to encouraging athletes’ safety while competing. These includes steps to stop athletes from being abused and harassed. The UAE thinks it is the IOC’s duty to make sure that all athletes are shielded from harassment and abuse of any kind throughout the games.
Recognizing athletes’ contributions to the Olympic games is also essential. The UAE is in favor of giving athletes financial and other resources so that their efforts are acknowledged and valued. This covers giving suitable financial remuneration as well as other types of acknowledgment, such awards and endorsements.
In conclusion, the UAE holds that Olympic athletes’ health and safety are of the highest significance. In addition to recognizing the athletes’ contribution to the games, we support policies that limit the risk of injury, offer mental health care, and encourage athlete safety. The UAE is dedicated to cooperating with the IOC and all parties involved to make sure that athletes receive the help they require to preserve their general well-being.

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