September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Chile
Delegate Name: Adelyn Kim

International Olympic Committee
Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities
Adelyn Kim
Forest Hills Northern High School

While Chile has never hosted the Olympics, Chile recognizes that there are negative impacts on host cities. Negative impacts associated with hosting the Olympics include debt, economic instability, and the inability to adapt to an influx of travelers. Chile believes that no country should experience damaging effects when hosting a celebration of athletic excellence.

Chile is excited to collaborate with other countries in hopes to improve lasting impacts on host cities. Improvements can begin with the IOC recognizing current subjects relating to host cities in order to amend them, mainly economic costs and losses. No city has ever profited from the international games, aside from Los Angeles in 1984. Additionally, Brazil, similar to Chile in location, experienced a loss of 2 billion dollars when hosting the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games.

Chile understands that while there disadvantages to hosting the games there are advantages including increasing tourism and international stature. However, no host city should be faced with economic losses or congestion in order to achieve some international gain, and hopes that the IOC recognizes the same. In the same sense, Chile anticipates working with the IOC to improve upon the current situation regarding the negative impacts on cities hosting the Olympics.

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