September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: Bolivia
Delegate Name: Quinn Suvedi

International Olympic Committee
Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes
Quinn Suvedi
Forest Hills Northern High School

Elite Olympic Athletes are some of the most hard-working people in the world. Many of them train 24/7 throughout the year, just for a chance to compete at the Olympic level once every four years. Many of them have also been training from a very young age, and are susceptible to abuse. In order to prevent this, the IOC must determine how involved it can be in these situations, inside and outside of the Olympics.

Bolivia has only had seven Olympic athletes compete in the Olympics. However, it too recognizes that athletes must have strong mental health, as well as not infringe on other nations’ rights. Therefore, Bolivia believes that the IOC should have jurisdiction over athletes while they are participating in the Olympics, but during other times, other nations must decide on how to treat their athletes.

In conclusion, Bolivia looks forward to working with other nations of the IOC to find better ways to keep athletes in better mental and physical conditions so that they may compete to the best of their ability.

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