September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Tuberculosis

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis
Country: Qatar
Delegate Name: Jasmine Mand

World Health Organization
State of Qatar
Jasmine Mand
Forest Hills Eastern

Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious, airborne bacteria that can attack the lungs due to the sneezing and coughing of infected people. In 2022, this disease has killed 1.3 million people and has left 10.6 million others infected. Many people can not afford the long duration of medicine that is required to cure TB, as it resists most antibiotic therapy. To ensure proper treatment, numerous healthcare professionals need to be available. Mini accidents like missed dosages or forgetting to take medicine can increase the infection rapidly. Also, because of poor living conditions, lack of resources, and inadequate sanitization can make TB a rising issue. Several countries lack access to accurate diagnostic tools that can put their patients in dangerous situations, resulting in side effects. All of these factors resulted in increased cases after COVID-19 as the world had an economic shortage. Out of 3,301 patients, 223 ended up with drug-resistant problems in the State of Qatar. It is a recurring issue in some areas, but Qatar is willing to help. Citizens of Qatar have free access to medical care for TB and are willing to aid countries. The state of Qatar recognizes these issues and would like to support others.

To address the financial crisis with Tuberculosis, Qatar will be suggesting to implement free health care for those with the TB disease. Recently under the Qatar Public Health Strategy, the country has implemented early detection devices and medical checkups. They have also designed new techniques to determine if a person was infected in or out of Qatar. Services within the Hamad Medical Cooperations (HMC) use new technology and modern equipment to receive results more quickly. The State of Qatar recognizes the need to invest in environmental programs to increase better living conditions. Qatar is also open to donating to specific NGOs and facilities to improve other countries’ conditions. In 2022, The State of Qatar donated 50 million dollars towards fighting Tuberculosis through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and is willing to aid others. The Qatari government would like to fund more research facilities to produce an accessible vaccine faster. TB has considerably become more drug-resistant and addressing this issue is extremely important.

Unfortunately, drug resistance in TB is developing to become more common. The main causes result from the misusage of drugs, poor quality of drugs, incompletion of the course, and unavailable proper treatment. Since this is an airborne disease, people can recatch it and develop more drug-resistant properties. Countries with recurring problems should take the TB drug as exactly as described and implement harsher conduct for healthcare providers for a more efficient treatment. Qatar would like to design better facilities where patients can stay out of reach from others exposed to drug-resistant properties. Vaccines with safer antibiotic properties need to be investigated and can be funded through NGOs or medical facilities.

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