SASADelegates 02/20/2024 09:48:58

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: China (UNSC) Delegate Name: Brooklyn Odoom As the country of China, we have the third largest number of tuberculosis cases in the world. The treatment that we [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 22:43:37

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Iran Delegate Name: Allison Edwards In Iran, tuberculosis control has been a high priority and many control plans have been created. Yet, tuberculosis in the [...]

RoyalOakDelegate 02/16/2024 20:29:43

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Denmark Delegate Name: Lucy VanHaerents 02/12/24 Submitted To : World Health Organization From : Denmark Subject : Tuberculosis Denmark finds addressing the [...]

DetroitCatholicCentralDelegates 02/16/2024 17:45:49

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Yemen Delegate Name: Jacob Marabanian Tuberculosis is a significant public health challenge in Yemen, exacerbated by ongoing conflict, widespread poverty, and a [...]

DetroitCatholicCentralDelegates 02/16/2024 16:51:30

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Switzerland Delegate Name: Chase Richards Committee: World Health Organization Topic: Tuberculosis Country: Switzerland Background Tuberculosis (TB) remains a [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 15:42:30

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Qatar Delegate Name: Jasmine Mand World Health Organization Tuberculosis State of Qatar Jasmine Mand Forest Hills Eastern Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious, [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 13:20:25

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Albania Delegate Name: Eva Gavin Committee: world Health Organization Topic: Tuberculosis Country: Kingdom of Albania Delegate: Eva Gavin, Forest Hills Northern [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 12:09:46

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Pakistan Delegate Name: Anastasia Placanica Pakistan, as a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), is committed to the global fight against Tuberculosis [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 11:34:01

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Germany Delegate Name: Kenna Charbauski The prevalence of tuberculosis(TB) in modern society is an issue that needs to be solved. TB is a preventable disease, [...]

FHPSDelegates 02/16/2024 11:24:05

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis Country: Philippines Delegate Name: Ella Zhou Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases in the world, yet it still affects society to this day. Although, in the modern [...]

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