September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Tuberculosis

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis
Country: Australia
Delegate Name: Stanija Combs

In the aftermath of Covid-19, WHO discovered a worldwide increase in Tuberculous, although being a commonly cured disease. Citizens throughout the world were quarantined and therefore did not receive the regularly scheduled vaccine, resulting in the increase. Understanding the severity of Tuberculosis, Australia has taken the necessary precautions to lower the gravity of the disease by having: hand hygiene, routine environmental cleaning, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. In result, lowering the cases. Also, due to our healthcare system, standard healthcare, including Tuberculosis treatment, is free for any citizen in Australia.

The Tuberculosis Vaccine Accelerator Council (TVAC), are currently in the process of testing a new Tuberculosis vaccine, addressing the recently discovered drug-resistant strain. Although, Australia raises the concern: how long will this vaccine take to reach people that are critically ill? Also, Australia questions the precautions put in place globally, due to the large number of cases annually.

To resolve the global Tuberculosis crisis, Australia is advocating for nations to establish a more healthy and secure healthcare system. Australia’s healthcare policy requires citizens to fund the healthcare system using taxpayer income, resulting in no cost for TB treatment. Australia hopes for other nations to be able to follow suit, with WHO programs to support. Australia is looking forward to working with other nations to find the best solution.

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