September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: Mozambique
Delegate Name: Tiana Gentry

Similar to Mozambique’s issues with the Renamo in the late 1970s, the military junta in Myanmar is an organization that will show no remorse to those hindering their plans. With the power that the military holds, Mozambique knows that the people of Myanmar will only be effectively helped with action taken within this room. As a newcomer to the Security Council, Mozambique wants to further support the solutions created in December of 2022, specifically the resolution passed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in which this body has begun to warn Myanmar of the consequences of hindering a fair and democratic government.

Trying to solve the issue of Myanmar is not a new topic for the Security Council. As we enter a new two-year cycle we must ask ourselves a specific question: “How is this room going to use a stronger voice and language to put forth an actionable plan to help Myanmar and its people?” Mozambique was not in the room the first time this issue was brought to the Security Council and wants to see this room be even more successful than the last. Mozambique would also like to keep the support of the ASEAN as an option within our discussions, with many countries wanting to support ASEAN’s mission, “Many Council members voiced their support for the ASEAN with several commending the organ for its action as others voiced their concerns over the text’s nature and content.” (UN Press). This leads to the second question posed: “How can we actively support ASEAN and its plan to help Myanmar?” With these two questions in mind, the meeting of the Security Council will be most beneficial.

An acceptable resolution within this room will bring more consequences to the Junta and work to better the lives of the people within Myanmar by instilling support, hope, and action. Proper resolutions will not restate the obvious but rather request action from all parties in Myanmar.

Mozambique looks forward to working with other countries that seek to use the Security Council’s abilities to end unnecessary violence as efficiently as possible.

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