September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: Jordan
Delegate Name: Haiden Korhorn

International Criminal Prosecutions are the prosecutions for crimes that are across countries usually like war crimes or terrorist attacks. The inequality with this is that in some bigger countries, they could easily use their power to their advantage. If a small country is attacked by a much larger and more powerful country, they are much less likely to be prosecuted or be in trouble for its international crime.
Where Jordan sits on this situation is kind of neutral. Jordan is a smaller country that relies heavily on its larger allies such as the U.S. and some European countries. Jordan never really causes international problems that cause wars or any other issues. Jordan has dealt with very few issues and none have caused a full-on war between several countries. Jordan tries there best to keep peace and stay neutral between its allies and other counties.
Similar to the United States, Jordan has very bad relations with Iran, Iraq, and Syria. This comes because of the tension between the U.S. and those countries. Since the U.S. and Jordan are so close, it causes problems.
Iraq, one of Jordan’s enemies, has had a large issue with international crimes. They have bad relations with several countries because of their want to start war and cause issues. Just a bit ago, the U.S. attacked Iraq because they had been in control of very large and deadly weapons. This caused more tension between them especially after the U.S. intervened in the Iran-Iraq war. Not only this, but one of Iraq’s leaders from years ago, Saddam Hussein, and the Baath party were convicted of several war crimes. Jordan and the U.S. have both looked at this which didn’t help their relations with Iraq. Saddam Hussein was then appeased by the United Nations since he was causing so many issues internationally.
Overall, Jordan has been quiet and peaceful when it comes to international crimes and prosecutions. Since it is a smaller country and relies on the U.S. a lot. Jordan doesn’t go out of its way to cause issues. Unlike Jordan, Iraq does in fact go out of its way to start international problems and issues, especially with the U.S.

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