September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Autonomous Weapon Systems

Country: Afghanistan
Delegate Name: Marcos Calderon

Committee: Disarmament and International Security
Topic: Autonomous Weapon System
Country: Afghanistan
Delegate: Marcos Calderon, Forest Hills Northern

The oldest autonomous weapon dates back in the 1600’s which were the landmines. Autonomous weapons are a device that does not need full human control to work. It could be well called Artificial Intelligence. By 1997 many landmines had been banned around the world. Autonomous weapons are most known to be used during battles or something some people own for instance like a drone. But even a drone can be used for battle. At this point in time autonomous weapons have not been banned completely but have regulations of how a country can use them without taking advantage of.
The Taliban use autonomous weapons mostly for battle. They have used them in the past for attacking towns in Afghanistan. One of the newest autonomous weapons is a drone that can be used during war. It is called a combat drone and can be used in many sorts of ways. Some can fire from the air while some might just spy. The Taliban have used combat drones most recently when attempting to take over Afghanistan again.
Autonomous weapons in some views can be helpful with human society. It can help countries in battle to win or for people to have some fun playing with a drone. There are a lot of autonomous weapons like landmines or combat drones. There’s lower risk ones and higher risk ones. But for individuals and for a group, some could use it with advantage. Rules have been set and bans have been made to countries for people’s safety. Autonomous weapons are most used during battle for countries. With newer technology, advantages are set for countries and more risks can also evolve.
Giving the Taliban more autonomous weapons could keep a huge cost to Afghanistan with money and civilization. Afghanistan is already a poor country and buying more autonomous weapons from other countries could greatly affect civilization and more corruption would appear. But it would feed the Taliban more weapons to run over civilization making them more powerful. At this point no matter what decision Afghanistan were to take, there would be pros and cons. Now it’s more of which one the Taliban and Afghanistan want to take.