September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: China
Delegate Name: William Rechner

For years, a coalition of US-led forces have supported a struggling Afghanistan government in upholding the ideals of democracy. Recently, these forces with withdrawn their aid, which has led to the toppling of the Afghan government by the Taliban, a group of extremist Sunni Islam Pashtun “students.” While the transition of power to the Taliban was expected, the rate at which this occurred was alarming to many. Despite being in power for such a short period of time, the Taliban has already begun establishing their government. Many refuse to accept this government, citing the regime’s humanitarian issues as a major concern. The Taliban is a nascent administration with hopes of installing a legitimate government in the eyes of the international world. China recognizes this and is supportive of Afghanistan in pursuing these goals.

In a time where many countries, particularly in the West, will not acknowledge the Taliban’s potentially prosperous future, China is willing to cooperate in order to benefit all involved parties. China hopes that by building a foundation for trade between the two countries, security can be maintained in the region. As powers shift in Afghanistan, many are quick to believe that China will attempt to snatch power. China has never invaded Afghanistan and remains uninterested in seizing any power vacuum left by the US-led forces. China will not interfere with Afghanistan’s internal affairs, so long as the Taliban does not exert extremist influence in the Xinjiang region. China will continue to reiterate their support of fostering trade in hopes of ensuring stable relations.

The UN Security Council has recently decided to extend the mandate of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which encourages peace and stability by supporting the people and institutions of Afghanistan. China says that problems still persist and that the international community should respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty. China hopes to pass a resolution that encourages investment and ensures stability in the region. China is willing to collaborate on required international trade negotiations and treaties.

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