September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: China
Delegate Name: Elliot Rothstein

Delegation from China
Position Paper on Cybercrime

China does not believe that other countries should take action in response to alleged cybercrime attacks from other countries. China feels so because cybercrime is, by nature, very complicated to track back to one group or individual; in fact, it is a primary reason cybercrime as a whole has become a growing issue. This makes identifying and prosecuting the “guilty” parties difficult, and thus can yield unfair and unwarranted punishment.

One means of disguising oneself online to avoid being caught committing acts of cybercrime is by accessing the internet via a proxy server. These act as intermediaries between the browser and the sites they visit, effectively ridding the browser of any trace they might’ve left when accessing a site. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are growing in popularity, usage, and accessibility, allowing almost anyone with a device connected to the internet the opportunity to shield themselves from illegal acts they cmmt online. Furthermore, the proper manner in which to persecute and punish those caught committing cybercrime is still unclear and undefined, as relatively little in court has been done to-date and understanding of the internet grows.

China believes that countries should not interfere with the online activities of citizens of foreign countries.

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