September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Balancing Human Rights

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights
Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Thomas Stoffel

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights and Counterterrorism
Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Thomas Stoffel
The United States of America
Greenhills School
4th Committee: Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)
Since 9/11, national security has been on the forefront of policy in the United States. While free speech and freedom of expression are in the United State’s constitution, steps need to be taken to make sure that these fundamental rights are not exploited in a way comparable to 9/11. This requires the Government to exhibit an updated sense of surveillance over its citizens in order to keep our society safe. This idea is facilitated in The Patriot Act which allows the government to survey suspected agents of a foreign nation or foreign group that is suspected to plan harm to the United States. While some may argue that this is a breach of rights, the United States believes that it is better to harmlessly survey the wrong person than to have another 9/11.
The United States regrettably believes that this is the best possible way in order to stop terrorist attacks across the world, and for world safety we must waive certain rights for suspected terrorists to protect the rights of all others in our society.
The United States emphasizes foreign assistance with these initiatives with the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate passed in the Security Council helping to find any gaps and review counter terrorism resolutions with the UN Committee of Counter Terrorism. These two groups together increase collaboration between nations affected by terrorism, both the United States was a key sponsor to form post 9/11.
In conclusion, in committee, the United States would like to expand on these two ideas by expanding the power of the UN to strike preemptively at suspected terrorists with a resolution based on the Patriot Act with increased powers being proposed to the Counter Terrorism wing of the United Nations.
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