September 16, 2019
 In Radicalization & Violent Extremism in Prisons

Country: Denmark
Delegate Name: Rykken Vivekanand

The Delegation of Denmark wishes to acknowledge that there has been no end to the radicalization of violent extremism in prisons, even in our present. Prison radicalization is the process under which incarcerated individuals develop ideas and set goals. Radicalization itself is of no harm, only a piece of usual human action. However, when that radicalization grows ideas of violent extremism, very quickly it can turn dangerous. Violent Extremism has been and should continue to be a concern to Demark and the United Nations.

In Denmark, the use of “open prisons” has worked very well. For lower-security prisons, Denmark belies that the supervision of inmates can be less, and the amount of hardship is also less. This can limit prisoners’ physiological load. The system tries to prioritize the preservation of prisoners’ dignity over the implementation of stricter drug enforcement policies. Denmark has approximately 73 prisoners for every 100,000 residents, and In Denmark, the average prison sentence is six months, and only about two percent of sentences are over two years. Additionally, more than half of prison sentences are actually three months or less. Closed prisons are typically reserved for psychopaths, terrorists, or those who have previously attempted to escape.

Denmark believes that on a global level, not just reform is needed, but direct, and influential, action. It is imperative that countries care about their prisoners, if not for the prisoners, then for what happens when those prisoners are released. Denmark believes that prisons should understand the prisoners within the system very well, and be to address each person’s needs, and also work to prevent potentially dangerous prisoners from influencing violent extremism. Denmark wants to avoid any misinformation, however, about free speech, and maintain prisoner health. These programs will work only to prevent the spread of terrorism and other formation of dangerous organizations.

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