September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Balancing Human Rights

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights
Country: Indonesia
Delegate Name: Davis Mortenson

For the past several decades, civilians all around the world have suffered the highest cost of wars fought in the name of Counterterrorism. The Republic of Indonesia recognizes the dire need to protect people from terrorist organizations, as well as protect the rights of civilians within areas known to harbor these organizations. Counterterrorism policies of countries worldwide have proven ineffective, often strengthening the resolve of groups against governments with these policies. These policies often violate the human rights of civilians and insurgents without effectively addressing security concerns and a sustainable resolution to conflicts.

Terrorist attacks strike at the very heart of the country it targets, however, a government mustn’t act out of rash anger or in the interest of appealing to the popular opinion of its population. Indonesia believes it imperative to encourage countries that endure these terrorist attacks to work with humanitarian groups to form a reasoned, nuanced response against these groups.

Indonesia is a member of the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering, and through our membership in that group, have been able to convict countless individuals for financing terrorism throughout the region. On January 6th, 2021, Indonesia issued a presidential executive order for Countering Violent Extremism by managing deradicalization programs for terrorist convicts and establishing boarding schools to educate the children of former terrorists.

In line with these positions, Indonesia emphasises the need for an internationally enshrined, human rights-compliant counterterrorism framework that is both effective and respectful of these rights. This approach aligns with the United Nations’ efforts to promote and ensure the protection of human rights in the context of counterterrorism. Indonesia wishes to implement the solutions worldwide that it has implemented domestically. These include rehabilitation programs for radicalized individuals and ensuring the safety and future education of children of convicted terrorists so they do not follow the route of their parents. In committee, Indonesia wishes to collaborate with any delegates who wish to delicately balance these initiatives in any number of resolutions throughout the conference.

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