September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Balancing Human Rights

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights
Country: Venezuela
Delegate Name: Ethan Hess

The delegation is no stranger to terrorism, with failed Operation Gideon having taken place in 2020, and countless smaller terrorist sects spread throughout the nation. Venezuela has not, and will not shy away from protecting the peace within our country, and under President Maduro’s lead has worked tirelessly to protect the peace within Venezuela. Even before Operation Gideon, Venezuela has faced many attempted coups since the late 1990s even into the 2000s, but since President Maduro took office Venezuela has reached a state of political stability, as we focus on bolstering our economy. It is firmly the belief of Venezuela that pinching off tactics and resources which our nation can and must use to combat domestic terrorism, and potential coups d’état is actively asking for there to be more instability in our nation.

The United Nations has previously condemned the counter-terrorism efforts within Venezuela, calling out trial processes they deemed unfair, and evidence they deemed unsubstantial being used to convict active terrorist threats. Venezuela does not agree with any of these accusations and is steadfast in our conviction of domestic terrorists, and convinced in the evidence and methods which we used to arrest them and protect not only the peace within Venezuela but also the people of our nation. Political instability is of course bad for the government of Venezuela, but it is even worse for the people of our country, and President Maduro’s counter terrorisim efforts are not geared to ensure his maintainment of office, but rather to ensure a safe and liveable future for Venezuela’s people.

Fighting terrorism is a form of war in and of itself, and when you are at war every possible tactic must be considered, especially when those tactics don’t endanger the lives of innocents. Venezuela believes that the efforts of this special committee should focus on mitigating the loss of civilian lives in counter-terrorism, rather than outlawing necessary tools made available by modern technology. Rather than scrutinizing the fair practices of independent nations that certain other nations don’t agree with, this committee should scrutinize the efforts of counter-terrorism that involve the loss of hundreds of innocent lives like the crises we see going on in the Middle East. The delegation from Venezuela would look favourable upon resolutions that guarantee the rights of nations to fight terrorism in ways that don’t harm civilians, and would additionally look favourably upon creating resolutions that help prevent loss of life in counter-terrorism efforts, as when it comes down to it, the greatest human right of all is the right to remain alive.