September 16, 2019
 In Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Delegate Name: Vitoria Cunha

Vitoria Cunha
Syrian Arab Republic
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones
Greenhills School

The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic recognizes the danger that can come from nuclear reactors in conflict zones if they aren’t monitored. The SAR is ready to work to prevent instances like Three-Mile Island. Syria at the moment does not have any nuclear reactors but understands that they can be beneficial in instances such as preventing climate change. SAR understands damage to nuclear power plants and/or reactors can cause extreme economic or environmental effects on the countries that hold the power plants and to neighboring countries, and that risk rises in conflict zones. Right now, there are 33 countries worldwide that use nuclear reactors which is why the SAR thinks that this is such an important issue to talk about. Right now the SAR is currently in the civil war itself and although not having nuclear reactors it understands even the simple dangers that come from the war itself, even without nuclear reactors at hand.

The SAR at one point did use nuclear reactors though. In 2003, Syria signed a $2 billion (USD) nuclear deal with Russia, including a nuclear power plant. In 2007 Isreal destroyed that nuclear power plant resulting in the loss of money and property damage. For this reason, Syria understands the catastrophic happenings of not protecting Nuclear Reactors and is ready to come together with the Delegates of the United Nations to go more in-depth and find a comprehensive solution to this important issue.

To solve this issue the delegation is ready to hear other delegates’ responses as well as providing it’s own ideas and resolution. Some ideas the delegation of SAR has cultivated so far is creating a space in the country’s military that can uphold and protect these nuclear reactors so that the reactors don’t become dangerous to the public.