September 16, 2019
 In The Role of Nuclear Energy in Reducing Fossil Fuel Reliance

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Delegate Name: Vitoria Cunha

The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic recognizes the benefits that can come from using nuclear power instead of burning fossil fuels. This provides low-carbon electricity sources. The Syrian Arab Republic’s energy sources consist of 68% oil and 31% gas, leaving 1% of renewable energy. The SAR acknowledges that this is a problem since Syria struggles with deforestation, water pollution from the dumping of raw sewage and wastes from petroleum refining, and inadequate supplies of potable water. The SAR is in the Paris Climate Agreement committing countries to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to fight global warming. Even before the civil war in Syria began, the government was heavily concerned with climate change since it would affect the water resources and food production. That is why this problem is so crucial and important to the Syrian Arab Republic, and why the SAR sees using Nuclear Energy as a good retribution to this problem.
To solve this issue the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic is ready to hear other delegates’ plans as well as providing its own resolution. The development of new nuclear plants will be a reliable and affordable option long-term for renewable energy. Nuclear energy has the highest capacity factor since it is 2 times more reliable than natural gas or coal units and 3 times more reliable than wind or solar plants. Nuclear energy is also cheaply transported, is a highly concentrated source, and has low fuel costs. The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic is to select HIC’s loan or donate nuclear power plants to LIC’s. This resolution will prevent the HIC’s from having a massive advantage from the LIC’s by having more access to renewable energy. The SAR sees nuclear energy as a possibly crucial part of the world preventing/recovering from climate change since it is affordable, effective, reliable and easy to transport.

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