September 16, 2019
 In Mitigating Negative Impacts on Host Cities

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Hugh Jordan

The Russian Federation is committed to the Olympic ideals of promoting peace, friendship, and understanding among peoples. However, we also recognize the significant negative impacts that hosting the Olympic Games can have on host cities. Therefore, we believe that it is imperative for the IOC to take steps to mitigate these impacts and ensure that the Games are a positive experience for both the host city and the Olympic movement as a whole.
One potential solution to mitigate the negative impacts on host cities is for the IOC to limit the applicant pool to cities with existing infrastructure sufficient for the Games. This could help prevent the need for costly and time-consuming construction projects that often result in budget overruns and the displacement of local residents. However, this approach could also limit the universality of the Games by excluding cities that may not have the same level of existing infrastructure.
Therefore, we suggest that the IOC consider a hybrid approach. The IOC could require that host cities have a certain level of existing infrastructure to ensure that they can adequately accommodate the Games, while also providing support and resources to help host cities upgrade their infrastructure where necessary. This could help ensure that the Games are accessible to a wide range of cities while also minimizing the negative impacts on host communities.
In addition, we believe that the IOC should include specific terms in contracts with host cities to help prevent some of the negative impacts that have been seen in the past. For example, contracts could include requirements for transparency and accountability in budgeting and construction, as well as provisions for the protection of local residents and the environment. The IOC could also consider implementing a review process to evaluate the performance of host cities and provide feedback for future hosts.
In conclusion, the Russian Federation is committed to working with the IOC and other stakeholders to find solutions that mitigate the negative impacts of hosting the Olympic Games on host cities. We believe that a hybrid approach that balances the need for existing infrastructure with support for upgrading where necessary, as well as specific terms in contracts, could help ensure that the Games are a positive experience for all involved.

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