September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Limits of Diplomatic Immunity

Country: China
Delegate Name: Isabella Frederick

Recently, the topic of diplomatic immunity and its limits has become a relatively controversial topic. Diplomatic immunity has always sparked disagreements but in light of recent events it has become highly debated. Although recent events have brought up controversy, China believes that the diplomatic immunity limits that are currently in place are fairly sufficient, only needing slight modifications like a more clear set of guidelines.

China strongly believes that diplomatic immunity is a right. China has both signed and ratified the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Along with signing and ratifying this convention they set up their own set of regulations called the Regulations of The People’s Republic of China on Diplomatic Privileges. China would like to continue with these regulations that allow diplomats to enjoy their sovereignty and would like the same treatment in return. The UN has only loosely regulated diplomatic immunity which is why the topic is continuing to cause issues. China, however, has not had many problems regarding the issue and believes it is their right to continue with the policies they currently have in place.

China suggests that a clear set of regulations is made regarding the topic of limits of diplomatic immunity. This would allow for less conflict due to the increased understanding of what diplomatic immunity is. China recommends that these regulations consist of reasonable limits to diplomatic immunity. They would like to protect the sovereignty of the diplomats while creating regulations that protect and maintain international peace.

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