September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Nuclear Disarmament and Emerging Nuclear States

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Kyan Martini-Zeller

Delegate Name: Kyan Martini-Zeller
Country: Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea

Emerging nuclear states have been a theme of the 20th century. These weapons have become major influences on the global stage. Nuclear weapons once being monopolized by the United States have since been obtained by 9 other nations with many more on the way.
Pertaining to the issue of nuclear disarmament and emerging nuclear states. The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea stands strongly in favor of the development of such instruments. These weapons are necessary to secure our nation from foreign aggression and imperialism. Without such weapons our country would fall prey to senseless violence and war perpetrated by western forces. The right to develop and secure these weapons should not be infringed.
Consequently the DPRK has taken various steps to refine and secure these weapons. The DPRK created its nuclear program in the 1980s with the first nuclear test being carried out on the ninth of October 2006. And the first thermonuclear conducted on the third of September 2017. Furthermore the DPRK succeeded from the Treaty on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. This was to ensure that the weapons to protect our homeland were not infringed upon. These actions have in turn provided a safer and more secure environment for our people to prosper without worry of western invasion. The United Nations proposal on the prohibition on nuclear weapons was a dangerous attempt to remove weapons from our hands. The DPRK thus forward advocates for no restrictions on nuclear or thermonuclear weapons of war. We suggest the U.N takes careful action when drafting legislation so as to not provoke our nuclear might. I yield my time to the chair.

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