September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Syria

Country: China
Delegate Name: Teague Ott

Country: China
Topic: Situation in Syria
Delegate name: Teague Ott

In 2011, there were Arab spring protests against the Assad regime in Syria. These protests were met with heavy force and people were even beaten in the streets by law enforcement. This sparked many civilians to take up arms against the Assad regime. In 2014 the United Nations held a peace conference that failed to provide a solution to this conflict. Then ISIS, Russia, Iran, and Turkey became involved in the conflict by providing troops, supplies, and air support. Isreal began air strikes on Iranian forces, and the Assad regime gained a large amount of territory. As a representative of China, we view terrorism in Syria as a major problem that needs to be addressed and the United Nations Security Council needs to take measures to solve this situation in Syria.
The country of China is taking active measures to ensure a political resolution. We have even met with both the Syrian government and opposing groups of Syria to come to the best neutral solution that benefits all parties involved. the United Nations Security Council has provided a great deal of aid to Syria by passing legilsations allowing countries to send aid to over 2.4 million citizens in Syria. From the perspective of the Chinese government, we could send more aid to the other people in Syria. There are a total of 18.28 million people in Syria and most of them are at risk of this conflict. It is our job as the United Nations Security Council to try to help the other millions of people still at risk of this conflict.
As a national superpower, the Chinese Government suggests that the countries in the United Nations Security Council should come together to devise a more improved plan to better distribute aid across the country of Syria. We also believe that we should also come to a solution about redirecting the missiles to better avoid civilian casualties. This situation is an extremely serious and important problem that we need to come together to find a peaceful solution.