September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Situation in Syria

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Jameson Gerrits

Brazil has traditionally taken somewhat of a non-interventionist position on world politics. This stance somewhat continues with the situation in Syria. Brazil has occasionally condemned Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, but never supported any of the insurgent groups that attempted to overthrow his administration. The country has also accepted thousands of Syrian refugees, along with waiving their visa fees. Brazil wishes to establish a slightly more committed position on this issue. The Brazilian government has increasingly supported more measures aimed at increasing peace and stability in the region, such as ceasefires and opening of dialogue. Brazil is firmly against, however, re-militarization of the conflict, repeatedly espousing their wish for a diplomatic and political solution. Specifically, the foreign ministry of Brazil has made their opinion clear that any solution to the Syrian conflict must originate from within the Syrian people and include voices and dialogue between most of the groups involved, including those viewed as undesirable by some members of the global community. Brazil has also taken steps to reopen its embassy to the Assad government in Damascus, and has increased economic ties and monetary assistance to the country, in order to participate in its reconstruction. Many Brazilian companies have started talks with Syrian business, and the Assad administration has shown openness to the possibility of greater collaboration. Brazil believes that the reduction or removal of many of the international restrictions placed on the country would be invaluable in rebuilding the country.