September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Afghanistan

Topic: 2024-Situation in Afghanistan
Country: Gabon (UNSC)
Delegate Name: Adrian Vasicek

Submitted to: United Nations Security Council
From: The Gabonese Republic
Subject: The Situation in Afghanistan

The Gabonese Republic does not recognize or support the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan. The Taliban is a regime that has been oppressing and harming the citizens of Afghanistan for years, the United Nations Security Council must step in and help the people of this nation; it is imperative for the peace and unity that the United Nations aims for. In attempting to enforce Sharia onto the people of Afghanistan, the Taliban has allowed for terrorists to stay safe in the country and bring terror to the world and Afghanistan. A religious government is not the problem. The Taliban, however, is a problem not only for Afghani people but for neighboring countries as well.

Protecting vulnerable populations of Afghanistan, such as women, is especially important. While it is important to respect a country’s beliefs, if a country is oppressing a group of people and using religion to excuse it, something should be done to help the oppressed group. Gabon does not stand for the injustice of any group. Working to help people in Afghanistan live safe lives is very important. Currently, the sanctions placed on the Taliban by countries are not working, the Taliban still holds power. The sanctions, though, do hurt the citizens of Afghanistan; the UNSC must figure out if sanctions are the best option.

The Gabonese Republic stands firm in the belief that in order to bring Afghanistan to a place where the Taliban cannot come back into power, the rights of women must be ensured. Currently, half the country’s population cannot work, learn, drive, or be alone in public. This is causing massive instability in the country, mainly because half of the workforce is lost. With the instability the Taliban can stay in power, this is why Gabon urges the Security Council to find a way to bring women’s rights back into the country. Reinstating women’s rights with help remove this instability by allowing women to work and function in society.

Afghanistan’s food and economic instability needs to be solved as well to get rid of the Taliban. The Taliban has gotten rid of many forms of income for the country due to the fact they view them as outside Sharia. Afghanistan is already a location with a lack of access to fresh water, which makes the type of food grown in the country sparse. In order to provide solutions for the Afghani people, sanctions on the Taliban must be lifted to an extent. Without trading, resources cannot be sent to help improve stability. The Taliban have prevented women from working; the Taliban have removed half their workforce, thus creating an unstable economic environment in the country. To reemphasize Gabon’s stance, reinstating women’s rights is imperative to rid the Taliban’s control and for the growth of Afghanistan.

Due to the large Muslim population of Afghanistan, religion will always be a part of their government. It is still important for the religious government to be democratic and have fair elections. To instate a stable and democratic government in Afghanistan the United Nations must work with the Afghani people and help them overthrow the Taliban. After the removal of the Taliban, there would be room for a new democratic government. In the past, military presence has prevented the Taliban from coming into power, however, military intervention is not a long-term solution. Allowing for the Afghani people to decide what they want in their government would provide stability, the UN would then be able to help monitor the government if Afghanistan agrees to it. It is likely that while the Taliban is in power no agreements or compromises will happen.

Gabon believes that the Taliban is a group that has been in violation of human rights for many years. It is time for the United Nations Security Council to take a different approach. Gabon hopes that the people of Afghanistan can once again have freedoms and not fear for their safety, removing the Taliban from power will help this happen. Gabon hopes that the Security Council can help Afghanistan become a stable and thriving state of the world.

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