September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Expanding Access to Medical Resources

Country: Kenya
Delegate Name: Adrian Vasicek

November 23rd, 2022
Submitted to: World Health Organization
From: Kenya
Subject: Expanding Access to Medical Resources
Delegate: Adrian Vasicek
Royal Oak High School
Kenya believes that having medical resources is an important topic within the UN and also all over the world. All over the world, there are high mortality rates among children and also mothers giving birth. Having access to medical resources would significantly lower these numbers. We are thankful for not only the medical resources that we have and have been given but also the help and resources altogether. Having access to medical resources is important to be able to grow our nation and develop further than we are currently.

Expanding access to medical resources is an important issue for Kenya because we have a lack of access to healthcare across our country. Millions of children die in Kenya each year before the age of five due to a lack of medical resources. Many children if they go to a hospital won’t necessarily be admitted due to lack of space or supplies even if the child is very sick. We also have a huge maternal issue and high death rates from both mother and infant. We have put in place a free maternal healthcare system to help keep people safe, however, it would work better if we had more funding and supplies. We have also spread awareness about AIDS in Kenya to give people better access to care. AIDS is an issue in Kenya and many other African countries that we hope to one day eradicate.

Kenya is in support of expanding access to medical resources, Kenya is a country where a lot of people need better medical resources. We are aware that resources can be costly and need a lot of effort to consistently have. However, we do believe that this would be a worthwhile cause due to the fact that it is trying to improve the quality of life for people and can also save many lives.

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