September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Child Marriage

Country: Russian Federation
Delegate Name: Brooke Orlando

Brooke Orlando
Russian Federation
UN Women

The Russian Federation recognizes the issue of child marriage as a serious global dilemma. One of the most serious implications of child marriage is regarding the age of consent. There are many religious practices in the Caucasus regions of Russia that regularly put child marriage in practice, commonly at the expense of the woman. While there is a legal component regarding the marriage age in Russia to be eighteen, there are some regions such as Moscow, which has a marriage age of sixteen, and Boshkortostan, which has a marriage age of fourteen. These are some of the regions that practice child marriage more commonly as a way of religion. While protecting culture and religion is important to Russia, we want to prioritize consent for women, and enforcing protection laws for women who do not want to be forced into a marriage at a young age.
Russia recognizes how our citizens have deeply suffered in the past one hundred years. Working to rebuild our nation, we want nothing more than for the women of our country to prosper and be protected under our nation. While preserving culture and religion, we believe in the protection of children. We want to push the enforcement of this not only in Russia, but globally. Every human deserves the right to consent. Protection laws for young women who do not consent to these marriages should not only be implemented, but strictly enforced. Every girl deserves the right to a safe and free-willed life.

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