September 16, 2019
 In Situation in Myanmar

Country: United States
Delegate Name: Unmun Kaur

As a country that believes that peace and equality are incredibly important virtues for a country to hold. In the United States, we think that Burma has been going through an incredibly difficult time with its current political climate, and all we really want is for Burma to gain peace as a country that really cares about human rights, we believe that our friends in Burma deserve those same rights as we have here and we are willing to help in many different ways. Even though the USA ID closed in 1989. We still are trying to do our best to help the people in Burma and are constantly providing food as well as resources along the Thailand-Burma border to help these refugees from all of the horrible miss treatment that they are going through. The constant murders and kidnappings as well as other violent crimes going on. There is a basic human rights violation where no one seems to feel safe. We also helped and built refugee camps along the border of Thailand and Burma to help the citizens of Burma as well as give them around $69 million in financial aid to help the US also redirected around $42.4 million from the government of Burma as well as around $48 million in humanitarian assistance. The United States before the military coup already provided Burma with money and assistance, but believes that accountability is incredibly important, and is a major way that will help create peace in Burma. We have helped around 1.3 million people in Burma with financial aid in many different ways like food, water shelter, etc.. with support from the US Burma has decreased the malaria scale by 84%. We will continue to help the people of Burma gain their rights, back, and freedom as well as do whatever we need to help.

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