September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Tuberculosis

Topic: 2024-Tuberculosis
Country: China (UNSC)
Delegate Name: Brooklyn Odoom

As the country of China, we have the third largest number of tuberculosis cases in the world. The treatment that we follow to combat this large outburst begins first with our diagnosis. While diagnosing the disease, we use rapid diagnostic tests that are recommended by the World Health Organization. Through these testing we have located three different regions in our country and compared their TB cases. We as a country are trying to have a decrease of 25% of TB by 2030. This plan has three points that are main factors in deciding whether this goal can be met. These three points are as follows: whether China can meet the End TB Strategy targets by 20230; the main obstacles to meeting the End TB Strategy targets; and the actions needed to accelerate China’s progress in achieving the End TB Strategy targets. The factors that can be seen as obstacles in meeting the End TB Strategy are the health system, funding and management. For the funding obstacle that we will face, we will get funds from the central and local governments to cover the costs of treatments for our civilians and we also will receive funding from the Tuberculosis programme fund. The treatments will be provided in designated hospitals for Tuberculosis and there will be primary care centers to have check-ups on those inflicted with the disease.

Tuberculosis is “…the second most lethal infectious disease after coronavirus disease 2019.” Also in 2019, over 833,000 people fell ill with TB in China. The three different regions are urban, rural and regional. Rural areas in China in 2010, there were two times more tuberculosis cases compared to urban areas. The reason for this happening in our country is due to developed medicine that is accessible in those areas. China does face challenges with combating the disease of Tuberculosis because of the rise of cases in their rural areas. It is harder for medicine and treatments to reach these areas which makes it harder for TB to be treated.

Furthermore, China has made progress with the measures it has taken to try and combat the TB disease but there is still more action that needs to be taken to reach the goal in 2030. China is consistently managing the Tuberculosis epidemic and for the past 30 years the TB cases have been significantly reduced. The reduction of TB is great for China, but the World Health Organization’s End TB Strategy’s goal will have a low chance of being reached in 2030 if we continue at the rate that we are.

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