September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Improvised Explosive Devices

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Unmun Kaur

Unmun Kaur
Disarmament and international security committee
Improvised explosive devices
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy

Improvised explosive devices or IED is the use of a homemade bomb or device to destroy, harass, or incapacitate people,e and these are used mainly by many criminals such as terrorists, suicide bombers, Vandals, or many other people. They consist of many different components: the initiator, the switch, the main charge, the power source, and the actual container that the IED is held in. Many materials used are fertilizer, gunpowder, hydrogen peroxide, and other explosive materials like fuel oil. The effects depend on the size of the IED, the construction, and the placement. For example,l, somethings in a small package or letter would be less explosive than something in a delivery truck. After a big IED goes off, there’s always the possibility of multiple different types of explosions, such as the Olympic Park bombings or the London bombings, and the Madrid train attacks.

Do the United States and Brazil have teamed up in the past against IEDs. We’re on an island where the two groups of marines shared, the US and Brazil Marines planted training and the simulated IEDs on a road where each group would demonstrate their detection and disposable tactics. Every service member who participated in the counter IED course also participated in combat training due to its relevance to IED detection. They are also taught to identify changes in their environment to assist in locating an object. In September, in Brazil, robbers planted 14 to 20 explosive devices at strategic points to lead robbers who held hostages escape in vehicles since they lined a route With the IEDs. Siri, where the robbers had strapped innocent by standards to the roofs and the hoods of the getaway vehicles, and 20 of the armed robbers, knocked over three banks in the center of a city. If there had been a ban on the things that we’re able to make the bombs happen in the first place or much more of a restriction on the items, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Brazil is against IEDs and would do anything to help make the accessibility for these ingredients to make these homemade bombs harder to access and try to band them all together and make it harder for people to buy these items. For example, fuel oil is used in our cars or furnaces, so we would hope that if we band most of the other materials or made them more challenging to buy than the more common materials, we wouldn’t have to do anything. We also would like to generate longer prison sentences for people who are malicious intent on using these IEDs.