September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Afghanistan

Topic: 2024-Situation in Afghanistan
Country: Brazil (UNSC)
Delegate Name: Alanood Btoush

Honorable Chairs, Esteemed Delegates,

Afghanistan has faced a difficult and complex circumstance. The country has been dealing with
political unrest, military warfare, and humanitarian concerns. The withdrawal of Western soldiers
in August 2021 exacerbated the situation, allowing the Taliban to quickly seize control of the
country. The Taliban’s return to power has raised concerns about human rights, particularly for
women and girls, as well as the risk of increasing violence and instability. The humanitarian
situation in Afghanistan has also deteriorated, leaving millions in need of assistance. Despite
the world’s progress toward equality and humanitarian rights, Afghanistan’s position is
deteriorating, with concerns for the country’s future and its residents’ human rights.

The Security Council passed a resolution proposing that the Secretary-General designate a
Special Envoy for Afghanistan with extensive experience in human rights and women’s rights
while emphasizing the fundamental need for UNAMA’s sustained presence in Afghanistan. The
Council further said that the goal of this process should be an Afghanistan at peace with itself
and its neighbors, fully reintegrated into the international community, and fulfilling international
obligations. It also highlighted the significance of guaranteeing Afghan women’s full, equal,
meaningful, and safe participation throughout the process.

Brazil recognizes the severity of the situation, and understands the high risk in the
circumstances of Afghanistan. Brazil will combine its resettlement and aid offers with calls on
the Taliban to respect human rights, including everyone’s right to leave their country, and for
Afghanistan’s neighbors to open their borders to persons who are likely to be targeted by the
Taliban. Brazil hopes that by adopting these steps, it will encourage others to follow suit, as it
has done with the expedited recognition of Afghan asylum claims.

Brazil has developed legislation and protocols for recognizing refugees from Venezuela and
Afghanistan, which serve as a model for the rest of the world. By taking these additional steps,
Brazil can demonstrate leadership at this critical juncture in mobilizing a worldwide network to
save the lives of people in grave danger while also contributing to the global restoration of
human rights and dignity.

Brazil is open and is looking forward to collaborating with other delegates to initiate change,
revolution and development in the situation. Brazil is looking forward to fruitful debates and the
wealthy contribution this council will create.

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